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Can I be your apprentice?

lol not much to teach other than to try something and continue from there

Can you do a tutorial on how to make your kandi gas masks?

i dont really do tuts or anything. been making kandi gas masks from scratch since i came up with them so itd be difficult for folks to follow

DOOOOoooooooOoooOoOod i love your work <3 all of it is sooo bad ass!

haha thank u so much!! i try and keeps shit interesting <3

and love ur tumblr btw ^.^

smaller kandi dreamcatcher

smaller kandi dreamcatcher

newest kandi dreamcatcher

HIM kandi gas mask

tri force kandi gas mask

tri force kandi gas mask

BioHazard and Plur Kandi Gas Mask

Kandi Steampunk Choker